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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  September 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> a popular samsung phone recall. >>, trump to take the stage here in new hampshire. anchor: hillary clinton returns the campaign trail. anchor: the beauty police hopeful crack a decades-old my be a part of the weekend. >> this is wcvb newscenter five at 7:00. anchor: donald trump now, in 30 minutes he will have a campaign rally. anchor: hillary clinton returning to the campaign trail
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begins with commitment 2016 coverage live from the side of the trump rally. reporter: one of donald trump's cochairs here is warming up the crowd. the candidate himself compared himself to a certain professional athlete. >> how old is the person you are looking at feel 70 years old. he compared himself to 39-year-old tom brady. >> tom brady is a friend. he is a phenomenal guy. i am with him and i feel the same age as him. it is crazy. reporter: he released a letter from his position. it says he has good cholesterol numbers and low blood pressure.
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colds. sometimes in the spring or fall i will get a favor -- hayfever. it takes some of the spotlight off of his tax returns reporter: . he outlined his economic plan. he says his tax cut's would cost $4.5 billion over 10 years but he said he could make the difference cutting spending and growing the economy twice as average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> the rice -- the race is tightening here. before hillary clinton that with ammonia he was trailing in new hampshire by two points.
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hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail. her running mate was here in new england. it has become a key battleground state. >> after four days off lenton says she is feeling great. her running mate hit two stops in new hampshire. >> i recently had a cough that turned out to mean ammonia. -- pneumonia. of rest would do good. reporter: she was energetic. >> people accuse me of all kinds of things. but nobody ever accuses me of quitting. i will never give up. i will never walk away. >> still recovering after this wobbly exit sunday. she is fighting critics over her health.
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showman my opponent is. look at the show he put on with dr. us today. she said she spent her time off reflecting. >> for millions of moms and dads if they get sick there is no backup. >> tim kaine spoke about the child coverage costs. >> maternity l it is not 2016. 2016 not only do women take off to take care of kids but men do too. that's a good thing for not a bad thing. reporter: clinton will head to d.c. tomorrow. anchor: the government is recalling a million galaxy note sevens over that dangerous battery issue.
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damage. if you have a note seven turn your phone off. you can get a new phone a new battery, you can a different phone altogether. the president of samsung is issuing an apology. >> with battery cell defects, we did not meet the standard 's you expect and deserve. for that we anchor: samsung voluntarily recall those phones. >> the man convicted in the murder of an officer has been granted a new trial. he has been serving a life sentence. the state appeals court granted him a new trial citing the jury had not been properly given instructions about self-defense and manslaughter charges. crews recover the man who
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into the water. the belt was not anchored and it drifted away. two people were able to get back with the victim disappeared under the water. >> police stormed a parking lot when a man threatened to blow the whole place up. this is the dramatic takedown. police say he called 911 from the winthrop street gas station and hung up. he then jumped into his suv and barricaded himself inside at the pump for almost 5 hours. k-9 helped make the arrest. the pumps were off at the time. >> he threatened to blow the place up. after the swat team arrived he leaned out of the vehicle, grabbed the gas hose and attempted to light it. anchor: the pumps were off. police did not find an explosive
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>> an exclusive interview, a man who discovered the evidence room in this array. -- in disarray. >> you have to have integrity and continuity when it comes to the evidence. reporter: retired state police major bruce gordon says that wasn't what he found when he went through the evidence piece by piece at the braintree police department. he discovered evidence that had been tampered with and cash, guns and drugs that were missing. >> i can say that the evidence i saw was compromised. it wasn't much of an effort to disguise that. obviously you could put your hand in the back and get the evidence out. >> the audit zeroed in on cases from 2013 until the present. susan was the officer in charge
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evidence in her desk after she took her own life in may. the attorney general's office is trying to determine whether the missing drug should be attributed to her. >> someone compromised that evidence. she was in charge at that time. reporter: criminal charges have been dropped and accused drug dealers set free. the evidence room and all department should be a top priority. people. >> gordon says he commends the town for addressing the evidence room immediately adding new procedures. anchor: firefighters are working to put out this fire. you can see the smoke pouring
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flames are up to two alarms. more than half of massachusetts is currently experiencing extreme drought conditions. a significant increase from a week ago. the massachusetts water resources authority told newscenter 5 in the past 24 hours worcester signed on. they will now by for reservoirs that are 85% at capacity. the broad issue is not going away. anchor: we are looking for rain. anchor: there is some that may impact part of your weekend. the extreme drought has only been expanding. anchor: also coming up, kids seem to get air infections all the time. the new treatment that is being
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barbara moussette: kelly came through for me and my husband, forever grateful... with my husband in cancer treatment, we fell behind on our bills, and we needed our tax refund to catch up... ...but hackers had stolen it. we were the victims of identity theft. i was terrified - we faced losing our home. we reached out to kelly ayotte. she didn't know us at all, we got our refund and we kept our home. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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anchor: you are looking at new video made by state police. no interest in the murder of that woman, she was found murdered in 1992 after she disappeared from her job at logan airport. video hoping someone, it will trigger something and see someone come forward with new information. >> air infections plagues so many little kids. researchers are working on a way to heal them faster. researchers are working on this treatment that would only require a single application. usually kids take antibiotics
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gel -- hydrogel. >> it will stay a gens the eardrum to deliver antibiotics continuously. >> researchers hope to move into the next phase of human trials. >> a group lifting spirits with recycled flowers. >> flower angels who forgotten. >> a happy home vibrates through this storefront, it is deconstruction day. blooms not quite the for sale are made perfect, to give away. >> it is a mission of love lifting spirits. >> they are nursing homes across
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she vowed to visit her every day when nursing home would be the safest option. >> six hours a day. >> everyone else was lonely. many had no visitors. but her mother passed away she spent >> she had just a handful of helpers. >> we had a small space. now you can see. >> a leftover flowers, and allows for the purchase of this official van. as most volunteers enjoy getting out and delivering.
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lot of joy to brighten their day. >> they just say those are for me? are you sure? >> they are up there saying yeah, you are doing a great job. they travel to born. anchor: i'm going to let you she brought flowers back. she put them around the newsroom and for days we were talking about the flowers. >> they were beautiful. >> it is great stuff. we need some rain angels though. it has gotten worse. every thursday it gets updated.
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10 inches below average precipitation. it is the second straight dry year back to back. cool early this morning. it is starting to happen. today's high was 66. yesterday's high of 90. incredibly gorgeous sky as we have gone past sunset now. 62 in boston. skies are clear. the air is very dry. 58 in plymouth. it certainly will be a cool night. many will show up. even boston in the low 50's.
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3:07 p.m. tomorrow. a great day coming up, similar to today. right around 65. the brees will be off the water at the mid-70's. this moisture is offshore. now back to a minimal tropical storm. it is hardly going toov over fairly warm water it could intensify. it's not going to directly affect us. this moisture to the west around minneapolis will get here later in the weekend it may draw the moisture northward. we will see how that plays out.
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south, that is when the system from the west approaches. different thoughts of when it will get here. it could be lined up close to i-95. north and west it is wet. the interesting thing, that is when the pacers play. there is a shower or rain risk. it will get more humid in the 70's. check it out. i wanted to give you an idea of what you may be expecting. eventually on sunday somewhat weather. friday and saturday look nice. you are ok through saturday.
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anchor: mike lynch is at fenway park. anchor: welcome. it's the red sox and the yankees and the extra large series. they come to town for games behind the red sox. let's take a look at the standings. they have had the best record in the american league. you know all about this series. >> sunday night, they are playing the playoffs a lot.
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baseball. >> sox and yankees. he will see you tonight. that is the one minute drill. >> the first marine national monument was named. >> next, why it has local
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>> president obama is visiting off of kate caught. >> that could threaten their livelihood. it covers 5000 square miles. the designation will restrict fishing in the area. >> to have a sweeping affect of signature by the president to shut down an sustainable fishing ground is disheartening. >> they say the impact to local economies will reach hundreds of millions of dollars. the new rule will not go into effect for another seven years but other fishermen have two months to leave the area. >> we are waiting for donald trump in the new hampshire live
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state and he should be speaking in six minutes. >> new, the race for the white
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>> the calendar says summer, the city is preparing for winter. that is a salt delivery getting dropped off right there. >> we have had such a hot tall.
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>> this is chronicle. >> 50 years ago in vietnam americans are on an unusual mission. >> why would please send educators to talk about universities in the height of the war? but if you had into a monsoon, it would make me wonder what was behind them. >> questions for the government. when she was told to lay off. >> two old friends discover an unexpected connection. >> my father was also on that plane.


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